Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Come to the River of Life by Don Moen

LYRICS of Come to river of life by Don Moen

Come to the river of life
You will find healing there
Come to the river of life
Come and rink freely here
Come if your heart is searching
O, come if your soul is thirsty
Draw near and rink of
The mercy of Jesus Christ, oh yes
And the river of life.

There is a river
Whose strems make glad
the city of God, the city of God
So come if you're wounded or sad
There is a river, there is a river
(repeat chorus)

It flows from the land of eternal life
Where there's no more sorrow
And no more night into the hearts
That are lifted to Him
Filling his children again and again and again
(REpeat Chorus)

Draw near and drink of
The mercy of Jesus CHrist
At the river of life.

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